Dell’s latest security patch addresses recently found vulnerability in company’s hardware

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Dell’s laptops are not as troublesome as Lenovo’s, for example, but the company wants to make sure all potential flaws are removed. In that manner, Dell released a new update for specialized software on their machines that will removed a security flaw recently discovered in its Sonicwall Global Management System (GMS).

According to various reports from all over the web, Dell’s GMS has one vulnerability that could allow hackers to gain the full control over an affected PC. In case you’re not familiar with the GMS, its purpose is to give business and enterprise users the ability to control connected devices within an established, internal network.

Since this vulnerability affects business users, potential damage caused by hackers can be even bigger than on regular computers. As for the vulnerability, it allows hackers to gain full access over a computer by cracking a relatively easy to break password manager, and using a hidden default account. Once they brake in, hackers are not only able to control the affected PC, but all other computers from the network, as well.

Here’s what Dell says about the latest patch for its specialized software:

“Vulnerabilities were found pertaining to command injection, unauthorized XXE, default account, and unauthorized modification of virtual appliance networking information.

To fix these vulnerabilities, Dell highly recommends that existing users of Dell SonicWALL GMS and Analyzer Hotfix 174525.

GMS/Analyzer/UMA Hotfix 174525 is available for download from Users should log into MySonicWALL and click on Downloads > Download Center in the navigation panel on the left, then selectGMS/Analyzer – Virtual Appliance or GMS/Analyzer – Windows in the Software Type drop down menu. Please see the Release Note for this Hotfix for detailed installation procedures.”

As Dell also said, even though the security flaw could potentially be dangerous, no one tried to exploit it so far, and after the recent update, no one probably will. The update is marked as ‘highly recommended,’ so if you’re using Dell’s computer, don’t forget to install it.

As the next major update for Windows 10, the Anniversary Update nears, Microsoft is making its last efforts to make it as stable and flawless as possible. Because of that, hardware manufacturers also want to make sure their PCs don’t cause additional problems to users, so we won’t be surprised if other companies start releasing new updates and patches for their devices these days, as well.



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