Skype for Windows Desktop Gets Awesome Redesign, Free Group Video Calls Improved

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Microsoft has recently released Skype for Windows 7.0 Beta, bringing a major redesign of its Skype desktop client, which, by the looks of it, is pretty impressive. Let’s have a look at some more features.
skype for windows desktop update
The latest version of Skype brings a new design that looks familiar to the one found on Skype’s mobile platforms. In the true style of the ‘one Microsoft’ strategy, this update looks to bring a more unified experience across all devices. Probably the most important update is that photos now appear inline as large thumbnails as soon as they’ve been sent.

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The Windows desktop version of Skype also increases the spacing between contacts and chats, and offers message previews for unread chats to make following multiple conversations simpler. Certain file types, like Office documents and PDF files, are now displayed using file icons which makes it easy to pick out when scrolling through a chat history. Here’s what Skype said on its official blog:

Today we’re excited to announce Skype for Mac 7.0 as well as the preview for the new Skype for Windows – both of which have been redesigned to make it easier to chat and share. If you’re already using Skype on mobile, you’ll recognize some of these changes. We’ve made the Skype experience consistent whether you are using your mobile device or your desktop PC. Now, you’ll see thumbnail pictures of your contacts, a new bubble-style chat design, and consistent icons for chat, video calls and audio calls.

Anew dual-paned view that allows users to continue using the IM feature while engaged in a voice or video call has been introduced, letting users share photos and other files during the call quite easy. The free group video chat feature has also been redesigned and its overall functionality has been improved.

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