Players around the world report problems with Destiny 2 servers

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  • According to users’ reports on Reddit, Destiny 2 servers worldwide are struggling to stay online.
  • Players state that they get kicked mid-game and are unable to rejoin any of the game's servers.
  • This issue is not isolated to a specific region of the world, as players everywhere report the same problems.
  • Game developers have yet to release a statement or fix for this situation, fact that helps build up even more frustration.
Destiny 2 servers crashing

What’s the worst thing that can happen while you are enjoying your favorite online multiplayer game? If your answer is related to servers being inaccessible, then you’re right on the money.

Lately, one the most popular Bungie games has been struggling with such issues and players are starting to get more and more frustrated.

Destiny 2 servers worldwide are crashing

According to users’ reports on Reddit, the ultra-popular Destiny 2 is giving gamers a bit of a headache in these last few hours, as they are getting kicked from current sessions and unable to rejoin.

Apparently, it all seemed like any other gaming experience at first, but while in the middle of some pretty intense raiding, gamers started getting disconnected from the Destiny 2 servers.

Users which play Destiny 2 from the Steam platform, as opposed to the BattleNet app, report that they got disconnected due to connectivity issues and got alerted that the Steam servers were actually down.

A thorough check later revealed that this nuisance is actually caused by the game servers themselves, not the platforms from which you play them.

I never got kicked but was having connectivity problems then got a message that steam servers were down but they weren’t cause I was able to keep playing

This is not a region-specific issue and no official response was made yet

From what we can tell at this very moment, this problem is not isolated to a certain region, as users report the same issues in different countries, such as the US, Germany, and other European countries as well.

An official response from the game developers has not yet been made public, but we can tell that it’s a matter that requires a bit more urgency than initially shown.

We’ll just have to keep our eyes open for this one and monitor the situation a little bit, to see if anything changes for the better?

Have you also been experiencing similar issues? If so, tell us what server region you are on and if you were able to reconnect to the game servers, in the comments section below.

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