Disable Start Button in Windows 8.1: No Can Do!

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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disable start button in windows 8.1

I find it quite weird that somebody would want to disable the start button in Windows 8.1 after requesting its appearance, as a matter of fact. Actually, it is not THAT start button that we wanted back (some of us, not necessarily me), it is not the same start button feature in previous versions of Windows. And when you get such attached to a thingy like this (Outlook Express, Internet Checkers or Windows Live Messenger and other “old” software are perfect examples), it’s pretty hard to let go.

Those who were looking forward to the return of the Start Button in Windows 8 will say a big thanks but what about those that didn’t want it there? Yes, there are enough Modern UI lovers out there that just don’t need it in Windows 8.1. You should know, if you haven’t tested the Start button yet (we have) that upon clicking it, it won’t reveal that good ol’ Start Menu, but the improved Start screen.

disable start button in windows 8.1

Nope, the Start buton stays right there in Windows 8.1!

If you go on and right click on the Start button in Windows 8.1 it will pop up a small menu which  brings two new features with it – Shut down and reboot. However, let’s not forget that this is still a preview and not the final form, so Microsoft might be just testing this with users, after it has previously said that they will allow users to enable/disable the Start button according to their own will.

Again, just like with the exclusivity of DirectX 11.2 to Windows 8.1, Microsoft isn’t giving its users too much room and this might be bad for them. Could it be that the Start button is deeply embedded in the Windows 8.1 update and it isn’t that easy to go back or Microsoft just didn’t think this over in this early preview (which I recommend NOT TO install)? Until autumn, where the final version is expected to hit our Windows 8 devices, there is plenty of time for Microsoft to ponder over this.


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