Dishonored 2 issues: game freezes, low FPS rate, control lag, and more

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Dishonored 2 is now available in Early Access for those who pre-ordered it. Steam’s stats confirm that 8,000 gamers are playing Dishonored 2. The game’s official release is scheduled to take place tomorrow, November 11.

Dishonored 2 will also have a day-one patch of 9GB and for a good reason: Early Access players already report the game is affected by various issues that severely limit the gaming experience. It’s likely the patch won’t fix all Dishonored 2 bugs, and we’ve prepared a list of the most common issues reported by gamers so that you know what to expect.  Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be experiencing all these issues.

Dishonored 2 reported issues

Game download stops at 65%

This is definitely a very annoying issue for all the gamers who are dying to play Dishonored 2. The download process suddenly stops and when players want to resume it, an error message appears on the screen.

my pc won’t download the rest of the game, it says download queued. As soon as I qlick on resume it loads a bit and then pops up with a message that reads  “an error occured while updating game (disc write error): F:\Steam\steamapps\downloading\403640\base\game3.resources”
Anyone know what to do? it’s installing on my external HD that has about 400gb left of free space.

Low FPS rate

Many gamers complain that Dishonored 2’s low FPS rate causes stuttering even on low settings. For the time being, there is no clear workaround available to fix this bug.

Game runs horrible, even on low settings i got like 30 fps, if anyone has a solution which might help, pls let me know.

White dots around edges in certain places

Some gamers also report that there are white dots around edges, especially on ceilings. These white speckles can become very distracting at times. The good news is that you can quickly fix this bug by using the TXAAx1 method on far right in the menu. The downside of this solution is that it makes everything look a bit blurry.

White dots around certain edges in the game. it appears to be mostly the ceilings and no where else which means it is not artifacting. anyone know of a fix for this.

The game crashes at loading screen

Many Dishonored 2 players can’t even get passed the first screen. The game keeps crashing at the loading screen with Emily and Corvo. Despite trying various workarounds, such as turning off Steam overlay, checking the Steam files, or increasing page file size, nothing seems to work. User disappointment continues to grow as they remain stuck in front of a $60 load screen.

So I verified the cache and tried everything but it keeps crashing at the loading screen with Emily and Corvo. Anyone else running into this issue? […] I’m also running DirectX 11. Could you guys please help out? I really want to play it and would even be willing to deal with crappy framerate but not getting past the first screen is annoying as hell.

Dishonored 2 freezes

Players report that the game runs fine for the first 10-15 minutes but then suddenly freezes. The game becomes unresponsive and a window pops up with an annoying “Check for solutions” message.

Game will with out fail run fine for 5-10 minutes and then Freeze. The last triggered audio will play itself out, be it Emily’s voice or a cut scene character, and then the game becomes unresponsive and windows pops up the “check for solutions” box. […]  I’ve tried lowering various settings but the crashing persists. I have the latest Nvidia driver and Windows update. Any idea what to try next?

 Control bugs

Dishonored 2 players are also complaining about control lag. Often, it takes a few seconds for your action to translate into the game. There is no solution for this bug yet.

What the heck is wrong with the controlls? The controlls feel so slugish and there is some delay everytime you do an action. Compared to the first game the controlls here are atrocious.>

Dishonored 2 is stuck in Windowed Mode

Gamers also complain that Dishonored 2 often remains stuck in Windowed Mode and they can’t go back to full screen. The option to enable full screen is unresponsive and although gamers manage to click on it, nothing really happens.

I set the game to borderless windowed mode to see if it would help with the unsmoothness I’m experiencing, and now I can’t get the game to go back to fullscreen. I set it to full screen, it asks if I want to keep that setting and I click yes and then it stays at borderless windowed.

Other issues include:

  • Obscured edges of the screen. This gets even worse when gamers crouch, as the effect is a strange blurry overlay on the corners of the screen.
  • There’s no button option for (hold) lean left and right: “I really just want to be able to tap lean to peak like in the last game, and it should be sped up a bit as well right now it feels a bit too slow and the disoriented slanted state it leaves you in is ridiculous and disorienting when you’re trying to move away from that state.”
  • Mouse aim is locked to certain speeds : “It doesn’t act like traditional mouse acceleration, what it feels like is more like it’s locked to certain speeds where I’ll move quickly to a point and stop and it’ll take a second for the screen to catch up”
  • There’s no description on any of the graphical or HUD options.

Have you already played Dishonored 2? Tell us more about your gaming experience in the comment section below.