Get 6 Awesome Disney and Marvel Games for Windows 8 at 80% Off

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Yesterday, we were telling you that Temple Run: Oz and Brave have been made available for special price and now we saw that this deal extends to more Windows 8 Disney and Marvel games.
windows 8 disney marvel games sale
There are some awesome Disney games on the Windows Store that you can play on your Windows 8 tablet and PC, as well as some Marvel titles, and it’s really cool that Microsoft has partnered with them and discounted a few awesome titles. Here’s what Microsoft said in a short announcement about this time limited deal:

Summer is just around the corner, but great deals on several Disney & Marvel games are already heating up the Windows Phone and Windows Stores. Now through June 2nd, enjoy several great games at least 50% off, marked down to just $0.99.

One buck only – Disney Solitare, Toy Story: Smash It!, Marvel Run Jump Smash! and more

disney solitaire game windows 8
Some of these games had quite a big price, when compare to average paid apps on the Windows Store, so that’s why this is even greater news. So, follow the links from below to get them all on your Windows 8 desktop and touch devices, as well as on Windows RT.

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Avatar o0Nighthawk0o

This is great and all but I hope they support these games better that Star Wars: Assault Team. So far in the last week new content, missions and changes have been pushed out for iOS and Android versions but nothing has been done for Windows devices since the early May update. This is leaving Windows users out for getting new characters and opportunities to get promotion items that were only available in arena crates. These items are now available in special missions on iOS and Android. The game is cross platform when playing the arena and gives a huge advantage to iOS and Android users. Beware downloading Disney games as they heavily favor iOS and Android.

Avatar Radu Tyrsina

What do you mean?

Avatar o0Nighthawk0o

After the release of Star Wars: Assault Team by Disney/LucasArts there were some problems and major differences between platforms. They released an update for all platforms at the first of May which fixed some issues, added missions and a few other improvements. This update was released for all platforms at essentially the same time.

In the last week and a half there has been two instances of new missions and new characters released but ONLY for iOS and Android. When support was asked about why nothing new for Windows devices the answer was that each platform has to be updated differently and to just keep an eye on the Windows Store for updates.

I understand that Windows Phone is a closed OS so it may be that they can’t update without a full blown update needing to be installed. As for Windows 8.x, being much more open, should be able to have updates pushed to it.

With that being said, their answer doesn’t make sense for either Windows platform as things in the game have changed without an update such as higher level crates being removed and crate costs changing. Also, seeing as how this game pulls content from their servers I would think it should be as easy to release new content for Windows as it is for iOS or Android.

They also will not give an estimated release time for these updates or actually confirm if they will even happen. This is a slap in the face to Windows users especially seeing as how the game is listed as a Top Grossing game in the Windows Store. Windows users are spending money on this game and being ignored in favor of iOS and Android.

Avatar Radu Tyrsina

I hear you and I totally agree, this is the situation with other games, as well. We’ll definitely be the first to report on the updates, so stay tuned!

Avatar o0Nighthawk0o

Thank you. Someone needs to as our complaints are falling on deaf ears at Disney/LucasArts, Microsoft and other Windows news sites.

Avatar Hal White

This is also the case but on a much larger scale for Disney’s Nemo’s Reef game. The windows version of the game is so far behind the other versions that it is a running joke in the community.

Avatar o0Nighthawk0o

And for the third update to SWAT on iOS and Android. Apparently they have lowered the energy costs for the story missions on those platforms while Windows remains the same.