Disney Solitaire Game Comes to Windows 8, 10, Download it Now

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Just a while ago, we were sharing with you the news that the Microsoft Solitaire Collection app had received an important update in the Windows Store and now we’re talking about a brand new Solitaire game that’s bee released.
disney solitaire game windows 8
The Disney Solitaire game has been recently released on the Windows Store for Windows 8 and Windows RT users. It comes with the usual price of $4.99, but it’s currently on sale at 80% off for 10 more days, so you can get it for only a buck. However, a real letdown is that there’s no trial in order to see how the game fares before deciding to buy it. But since we’re talking about Disney, there’s good quality in the game. There are 120 levels of solitaire challenges, two modes of play: “adventure mode” and “free play mode”. While you play, you will be hearing nice music on the background.

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Disney’s Solitaire app comes to the Windows Store

disney solitaire game for windows 8

disney solitaire game windows 8.1

Play a challenging solitaire adventure game against the backdrop of timeless Disney classics in Disney Solitaire! Travel through beautiful level maps based on Peter Pan and The Lion King as you play solitaire, overcome villains, and meet your favorite characters along the way!

As you play along, you will be “greeted” by Peter Pan and The Lion King original artwork which is definitely going to appeal to the little ones. It’s also possible to save game progress to OneDrive. Follow the link at the end of the article to download the game on your Windows 8, RT devices

Download Disney Solitaire for Windows 8 


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