Disqus launches its universal Windows 10 app with fresh design and more

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In September 2016, popular comment hosting service Disqus rolled out its UWP app in beta with a slew of new feature updates. Now, the public beta testing has come to fruition and Disqus has launched a universal Windows 10 app with a new design and support for the previous Windows Phone app.

After an extended period of testing, you can also now install the app on your Windows 10 PC. Disqus has long been providing support for Windows Phone users, so it is easy to assume that its new UWP app is now more stable compared to the previous Windows Phone version.

A couple of new enhancements have also come along with the new Disqus UWP app, including a fresh look, a new image uploader, improved login experience with social login support, and real-time updates in discussions. The app is also bumped up to version 4.0.17. Here’s the full changelog:

Native on Windows 10

  • Disqus is now a Universal app, and will run on Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and phones (including Continuum).
  • Faster performance due to platform/tools improvements.
  • Get notifications for new replies and a live tile count for all notifications.

Enhanced commenting

  • New image uploader tools allows you to crop your images to your liking.
  • Add GIFs, and quickly format your comments, links, and more.
  • Create discussions on Disqus Channels more easily than ever.

Many ways to read

  • Discussions happen in realtime – comments, replies, and votes streaming now stream into the app.
  • You will now see the combined vote score for a comment. Clicking will reveal a breakdown of upvotes and downvotes.
  • Don’t like what someone is saying? Blocking is now available in the app to filter out their comments from discussions.

Disqus also plans to add the following features in future releases:

  • Community management tools (Moderation/Analytics) for admins of Channels/sites.
  •  Seamless comment/discussion drafts.
  • Better usability on mobile (less reliance on hamburger menu).
  • More comment formatting tools, like an emoji picker and text quote/code insertion.
  • Pinning individual pages to the home screen/in-app menu

The Disqus universal Windows app is now available to download from the Windows Store.


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