Doodle God Ultimate Edition makes its way to Xbox One

by Radu Tyrsina
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Doodle God is a game that you might have heard of as it created quite stir among gaming enthusiasts since its release. Ever since it was first introduced to the public, many have wondered if the team behind Doodle God would consider extending their reach, something that happened recently as Doodle God just landed on the Xbox One platform.

A new territory to explore

Xbox One players can now play Doodle God: Ultimate on their consoles. According to JoyBits, Ultimate Edition is the best version of the game you could possibly hope for meaning that Xbox users are in for a real treat.

What to expect

If you’re an Xbox owner, then here are some of the core features which are present in the Xbox One version of Doodle God:

  • The ability to create volcanos and other natural phenomena will heavily impact the way you play as you will have the chance of seeing your creations grow and come to life, impacting the rest of your world.
  • The new PvP platform will enable you to compete against other players in a test of skill and wisdom to see who is able to make the best decision for their world when the situation requires it.
  • Last but certainly not least, there will be a Mission mode which will serve as a type of training mode. This mode will allow players to more easily get the hang of the game and also learn what they are supposed to do and how to do it when trying to progress.

Known infatuation

It has been made known that JoyBits is all for Microsoft’s services, so the addition of an Xbox One version of the game to its catalog came as little to no surprise. You can buy Doodle God: Ultimate Edition for $9.99 from the Xbox Store.


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