Doom Eternal is now huge, thanks to Xbox Game Pass

by Teodor Nechita
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  • Doom Eternal has been very popular among Bethesda players since it was launched.
  • Its popularity has grown even more since its inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass.
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Gaming enthusiasts are probably well-aware about Microsoft‘s acquisition of Bethesda a while back for a meager $7.5 billion.

The aftermath of the buyout was a wave of speculation, especially regarding the fate of many Bethesda titles, such as The Elder Scrolls series, or DOOM.

Well, it seems that a few weeks after the buyout, players can finally see the effects, and they are definitely impressive.

Doom Eternal has 10 times more players than before

The moment Microsoft bought Bethesda, the most obvious course of action would have been the inclusion of their titles in Xbox’s subscription services.

According to Gamestat’s Xbox Live concurrent player counts, the inclusion of the game in Xbox’s Game Pass service lead to a rise in concurrent player numbers that were between 10 and 25 times higher than the pre-Game Pass period:

As you may know, Doom Eternal was added to Xbox Game Pass on October 1st, and the player counts have spiked ever since, with the only drops probably being due to the fact that even gamers sleep at times.

Players saw this exponential growth as unsurprising, and the only comment was that if they also decide to include the PC version as well, then the numbers would truly be off the charts.

Doom Eternal and the Xbox console get along incredibly well

Let’s not forget that November 10 is marked in everyone’s calendar as the launch date of the Xbox series X and Xbox series S.

First footage of how DOOM Eternal runs on the new consoles have already begun to appear, and it seems that players are more than satisfied.

The main focus so far goes to the loading times, and the original post read:

No more looking at your phone while loading a game, guys

This comment is indeed deserving, especially considering how this mammoth of a game takes ~5 seconds to load from start to finish.

Of course, these performances were to be expected, especially given the new console’s stats, and how Microsoft handpicked the games to include in their expanded subscription plans.

This overhaul of the entire Xbox experience started off with the optimization of high-profile games for the new consoles.

Microsoft then proceeded to update the Microsoft Store for Xbox as well, making it faster and better looking.

They later announced how Game Pass Ultimate players would also get EA Play included at no additional cost.

Speaking of Game Pass Ultimate, they even made it so that anyone can try it out for just $1, and even convert their other subscription times into Game Pass Ultimate time.

Have you too joined Doom guy on his quest to slay the demons?

Let us know how you think this spike in popularity will affect your gameplay experience by leaving us a message in the comments section below.

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