Astroneer game comes to Windows 10 and Xbox One

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After a crucial, long development period, System Era released their space-based game Astroneer as a Game preview for Xbox One and Windows 10. The game was announced for said platforms a while back and the wait has been excruciating for some enthusiasts given that the only timeline specified for the release was December.

The waiting period isn’t exactly over, though: Gamers still have to wait a little more for future update to get their hands on the multiplayer co-op.

The developers at System Era warn players that they shouldn’t get their expectations too high for the game preview. Wilson writes on the Xbox Wire:

So, what should you expect? The game is very incomplete, after all. Expect glitches. Lots of glitches. We’ve worked hard to ensure a stable experience without game-breaking bugs, but there definitely will be some we haven’t caught, along with many minor issues. Expect to see some incomplete content.

So all in all, it will be a rather small chunk of the “ultimate version” which General Manager Brendan Wilson promises will be “huge”. He further said that players will have limited freedom when it comes to choosing support. They would be forced to go to a publisher for funding and said publisher could decide the entire fate of the game. So in hindsight, this Game Preview will be a source of team’s funding as well as providing direction.

Currently, Windows and Xbox One are the only platforms allowing the games to be purchased while still undergoing development. That is the main reason System Era chose Xbox One for this preview release: The initiative is beneficial to both consumers and manufacturers as the sum received in advance is invested further into improvising the gameplay and deliver an overall enhanced user experience.

For those who are just hearing about the game, here’s a brief look at what you are missing out on.

All about Astroneer

Astroneer is about a group of space explorers voyaging across the stars in search of fortune and glory. The game opens doors to a universe filled with loads of discovery and mystery as you uncover rare artifacts, hunt for riches and dig for valuable resources.

The game is significantly focused on providing its players an opportunity to discover space. They can use tools to excavate, build, sculpt and shape every little inch of Astroneer’s explorable area. Unleash your creative side all while strutting around a colorful, adventurous galaxy.

The game is available via the Xbox One Play Anywhere Program. So, purchasing one will entitle you to the ownership of the other. Astroneer will also be available to play on Steam.

You can download Astroneer here for $19.99/£15.74. Do let us know the problems and glitches that you encounter during the gameplay below!

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