Deezer’s Universal App for Windows 10 Released on Windows Store

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Back in December 2015, Deezer announced its new Windows 10 official Universal app. And the Preview version of Deezer’s Windows 10 app finally hit the Windows 10 Store now, more than two months after the announcement.

We expected the app to arrive earlier, since Deezer said that it will be released a few weeks after the announcement, but even now, it’s not too late for all Deezer users to enjoy using their favorite music streaming services on their Windows 10 devices.

Deezer Windows 10 app is now Universal!

The main reason Deezer decided to develop a brand new app, instead of just upgrading the existing one, is that the previous Deezer app isn’t a Universal one, which means that users have to use a different app on every Windows device. Features of the app also varied on every device. deezer app windows 10

But the new Deezer Windows 10 app is Universal, which means that you can use the same app, with same features, and same design on every Windows 10 device. This is the reason why most developers decide to build a new app for Windows 10, because Microsoft imagined Windows 10 to be a single operating system for all devices, and all apps must work in accordance with that.

Besides making the app Universal, Deezer also redesigned the app, with revamped content pages, a new tab bar, and all your favorite music packed into “My Music”. Deezer also changed the update policy, which means that we should expect updates for the app more often. More updates often mean new features, and by knowing the fact that the app is still in its Preview phase, Deezer Windows 10 app will probably become even better and more functional in the future.

There’s still no word about Cortana integration with Deezer in Deezer’s app release notes, but since this is a serious service, with a lot of users, Cortana integration is a must, because all other major Windows 10 apps already have it.

Windows 10 now running on over 200 million devices around the world, so making its service available on Microsoft’s platform could be an enormous boos for Deezer, since a lot of its users, and potential users are running Windows 10.


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