Foursquare App for Windows 8.1 Improves Many Features, Download for Free

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Foursquare was one of the most expected apps on the Windows Store, but when it finally landed, it was greeted with enthusiasm by Windows 8 users. And now we’re talking about what seems to be the biggest update since that moment.
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I love Foursquare on my Windows 8 tablet – it’s fast, fluid, responsive and there when I need it. The app has received along the way several updates on the Windows Store, but they were mostly related to the traditional minor improvements or other bug fixes. This time, we’re welcoming a good deal of new features.

Fourquare for Windows devices gets new features

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The app now comes with full Windows 8.1 compatibility, which was also addressed in a previous update, but this time there are no issues whatsoever. I guess they’ll be doing the same when Windows 10 gets out, as well.

Another important new features are the fully interactive maps, which look just as good on Windows tablets as on desktop Windows devices. The app now comes with inline search throughout which should help get the needed results much faster.

Also, there’s now a new “Recommended” auto-search option that features real-time suggestions. Other new features are as follows:

  • Improved windowing functionality
  • Live tiles now feature recommended venues
  • Login options now include Facebook Connect

By using Foursquare on your Windows device, you can find easier places that you’ll love. So far, it’s been one of the best apps coming from big names and we’re happy to see that the guys behind the app care for its growing base of users.

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