Nokia’s Windows 8, 10 HERE Maps App Worldwide Available on Windows Store

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As we have already announced you during our previous posts, Nokia announced that HERE Maps for Windows RT and Windows 8 devices will be released on Microsoft Store. Well, now Nokia officially launched the app, so you can anytime download HERE Maps for free on your Windows RT / 8 laptops, desktops and tablets.
HERE MapsNokia first released HERE Maps only for the Lumia 2520 in order to test all the features and for being able to change everything that wasn’t running properly. But now the development stage is over, which means that HERE Maps can be downloaded, installed and used on any Windows 8 and Windows RT based device. Therefore, if you want to test and try this new GPS app that brings similar features with Google’s own service you can anytime search for HERE Maps on Windows Store.

HERE Maps is finally available on Windows Store for your Windows 8 / RT based device

But since the tool had just been released, the GPS app will not be available in all the markets. For example, as we could find out so far, HERE Maps isn’t yet available in countries like Hungary, Pakistan, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain and more. Don’t worry though, as the app will soon be made available in Europe and also in US – in that matter, here is what Pino from the HERE team declared just a few seconds ago: “I understand your impatience 😉 but you have to give the Windows Store some time to roll out the app in several countries”.

HERE Maps for Windows 8 is a great GPS app that is working and running without problems on any device – tablets, laptops or even desktops (the tool is featuring touchscreen and also mouse and keyboard support). The best is that on HERE Maps you can download the maps you need right on your Windows RT / 8 device and use them for free when an WiFi or Internet connection isn’t available. The app is also featuring city maps from which you can have access to public transit lines, restaurants, hotels and other local places.

You can change the map view depending on your preference in term of: satellite, public transit, local traffic, street level or regular street map and you can easily share the places you have been with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email and so on. As you can already notice, HERE Maps is more than a regular GPS app. The tool combines vector, satellite and 3D maps, points of interest, search and route planning, all in the same easy to use and access animated interface.

Nokia’s HERE Maps for Windows 8 and Windows RT will be made available gradually in more than 140 cities worldwide, the app being already available in limited markets only through Windows Store. So, head to the store and check if the app has been made available in your region; if not, don’t panic and have patience as the tool will soon embrace your Windows 8 device too. Do note that HERE Maps can be anytime downloaded for free and can be easily installed on both portable and desktop devices.

Download HERE Maps for Windows 8 / RT.


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