Skype Preview gets new features: drag and drop, mic and cam setup and more

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Microsoft made Skype Preview available for Windows 10 already but, to the disappointment of many of its users, Skype Preview is missing a lot of features that most believe should be included from the get-go as core features.

Microsoft just pushed out a new update in which it fixes some of its mistakes and tries to please the crowd by addressing a lot of concerns. Although it brings new features to the table, the nature of those features and the fact they were supposed to already be there makes the whole update less enjoyable. But it is an update nonetheless, so let’s take a look at what Microsoft implemented in its latest build of Skype Preview.

  • Drag and Drop

The way communication services and apps worked for a very long time now made it so that we would drag and drop files into a chat window to share it with our friends, family, co-workers, etc. without even thinking about it. Microsoft’s Skype Preview just implemented this feature and is now on the same page with all its competition.

  • Mic and Cam Setup

Until the latest update, Skype Preview didn’t give users the option of setting their webcam and microphone directly from the application. For a program intended for communication, the lack of such a feature was not well received. Still, Microsoft saw the error of their ways and fixed the issue.

  • Web Preview

With the new build  out, Skype Preview allows users to preview what a web page includes before even clicking it. While this is not really a new feature since every other developer includes this sort of functionality, but it is definitely a new feature for Microsoft’s communication platform.

  • Text and Connect

Skype Preview now also allows users to use instant messaging as a means of communication and offers quoting so you can further expand on an on-going discussion.

In conclusion, Skype Preview is starting to shape up and fill out its featureset, leaving users hoping that there is only more to come in the near future.


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