Download Updates KB3194798, KB3192440, and KB3192441 manually to fix installation issues

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Microsoft just released cumulative updates for all three versions of Windows 10. Windows 10 version 1607 got cumulative update KB3194798, Windows 10 version 1511 received cumulative update KB3192441, while cumulative update KB3192440 was released for Windows 10 version 1507.

These updates are regular cumulative updates, as they bring just a few system improvements and bug fixes. Users are able to download the via Windows Update, and that’s the whole philosophy. However, it doesn’t seem so simple for everyone.

Namely, many users are having troubles downloading and installing these updates. This morning, we found a handful of complaints from users about instillation fails, manly of KB3194798, but other two updates cause troubles, as well.

Here’s what some users said about that:

  • “I’ve tried to process this update a few times through Windows Update, but it fails each time, uninstalls, and puts things back where they were.  Any thoughts?  Wait for it to resolve itself?”

  • “I’m on attempt number 7 for it to install, I was going to bed when the first one came in… that was 1 hours ago, and its still not in!!!”

Installation fails are quite common for each and every Windows 10 update. It seems like Microsoft is having hard time delivering updates to everyone, since there are so many computers running Windows 10. But that’s a story for another time, we’re here to focus on solving installation issues for these three updates.

There are many ways to solve installation problems of Windows 10 updates. You can reset the Windows Update process, use a special script, use a third-party program for downloading updates, but perhaps the best option in case of cumulative updates is to download them manually.

When you download an update manually, you can install it just like any other program, and Windows Update will be free to receive further updates (hopefully) without any problems. We managed to provide download links for all three updates, and you can grab them below:

Cumulative update KB3194798 for Windows 10 version 1607:

Cumulative update KB3192441 for Windows 10 version 1511:

Cumulative update KB3192440 for Windows 10 version 1507:

There you go, after installing your update manually, all installation problems should be solved. In case you’ve encountered some more problems after installing a cumulative update for your version of Windows 10, let us know in the comments, below.



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