The DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION issue is a common BSoD error encountered in most Windows versions.

This means that Windows 10 has stopped working because it was unable to get a response from a hardware component, its driver, or a software program that is related to it.

In most cases, the hardware component is a hard drive, and Windows crashes once the disk becomes unreadable (just like when you unplug the data cable of the HDD when it’s working).

If you encounter a DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION error, start by reading our comprehensive guide with 8 best fixes for Windows 10.

List of possible causes for the DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION:

  • HDD becomes unreadable
  • SSD Firmware not up to date
  • Problems with old or damaged drivers
  • Old BIOS that needs to be updated
  • Hardware incompatibility
  • Hardware was not installed properly
  • Overclock not done properly (in this case, do a BIOS Reset)
  • Malware infection

Since the PC WATCHDOG VIOLATION is a BoSD error, if you encounter any other blue screen problem, check our BoSD Error Codes Hub for quick troubleshooting.

  • Is DPC watchdog violation a virus?

No, it’s not a virus. It’s just an error code for a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).

  • What is watchdog on computer?

A watchdog is a protection system from specific software or hardware failures that may trigger the system to stop responding. 

  • What is dpc computer ?

DPC is an acronym for Deferred Procedure Call and it is a Microsoft Windows OS mechanism that allows high-priority tasks to defer lower-priority tasks to be executed later.

  • What is dpc watchdog violation windows 10?

DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION is a BSoD error that can appear in Windows 10 when there is an unsupported SSD firmware or an old driver, when there is a hardware incompatibility issues, or when the system files are corrupted.

  • How to fix dpc watchdog violation?

There are 8 steps to fix the DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION:  Check your cables, replace the iastor.sys driver, check your disk, update your drivers, update your OS, run a full system scan, check software and hardware for incompatibilities issues, remove recently installed software.