DreamWorks Launches Windows 8, 10 Game Dragons Adventure

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The reputed media company DreamWorks has launched in the Windows Store a fresh new Windows 8 game – Dragons Adventure. The game is inspired from the How to Train Your Dragon movie and promises tons of hours of fun. Check out more details below
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Dragons Adventure is a fresh new Windows 8 game launched in the Windows Store by DreamWorks that is designed to be played only on Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet, such as the Surface. Being targeted especially at kids, the game shares a lot of similarities with the How to Train Your Dragon movie also from Dream Works.

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DreamWorks Dragons Quest transforms the family drive into an interactive gaming experience. Inspired by the award-winning 3D animated film ‘How to Train Your Dragon,’ the game transforms actual landmarks along a drive into the fictional Isle of Berk. Roadways, lakes, real-life traffic and weather conditions and even select buildings are mirrored into the game, personalizing it and transforming the drive into an epic adventure. After completing quests, the adventure continues as players care for their dragons, and visit the Dragon Academy to trade loot for dragon skills. The ultimate goal is to become a Dragon Master.

Fun dragon game for Windows 8 tablet owners

The game looks very good on a Windows 8 tablet and will take 162.3 mb of storage space. Inside the game you will be able to select a dragon and command it on epic quests as you will collect food, gold, eggs and earn various achievements. There’s also the Dragon Academy where you can trade the acquired loot for dragon skills.

Ride your dragon and nNavigate the real world that has been transformed into the Isle of Berk. A really cool feature of that app is that roadways, time of day and even traffic conditions as well as weather have been reflected in the game. Follow the download link from below to get the game on your Windows 8 or Windows RT tablets.

Download Dragons Adventure for Windows 8

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