Druva combats ransomware with new enterprise security offer

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Druva is a company that specializes in cloud security and cloud data safekeeping. Recently, the company decided to replace its platform with an improved version which emphasizes and better counteracts ransomware attacks.

Not everyone knows this, but ransomware is an increasingly dangerous and frequent occurrence in the US. It has been reported that in the US, there are somewhere around 4000 cases of ransomware attacks happening every single day. That is not only huge, it’s also alarming. From a monetary standpoint, it is believed that the total ransomware financial damage reach $1 billion. Computers infected with the malicious infection used in ransomware attacks generally tend to display the same type of symptoms. The way these attacks work is by creating a lot of modifications into your system files.

Druva’s new enhanced platform picks up on these modifications, which can be anything from a large number of files being deleted at the same time or weird updates and file changes in mass to having a large number of files created in a short amount of time. After it picks up on the infection, it can proceed towards removing it.

While also benefiting from a data security kit, Druva excels in eradicating the threats straight from the root. Sometimes things are easier to replace than to remove. After an infection has been detected, Druva, among all other actions taken, will let you know what the safest restore point is. You can use it to restore your computer to an infection-free system save and thus get to avoid a potentially catastrophic event.

Ransomware is very serious even when we’re talking about someone’s private computer at home but just think about the implications of a ransomware attack within the systems of a corporation or enterprise. The effects could be absolutely devastating from multiple standpoints at the same time. For these types of ransomware cases in particular, it is very important to detect and contain the threat as early on as possible.

So what did you say it offers?

To be a bit more specific on what you get by opting for Druva’s ransomware protection suite, we can go over its features:

  • Druva offers cloud security and endpoint safety through a vigilant watch over your system’s services such as Box, Office 365 or Salesforce
  • Through constant monitoring of the system’s activity, Druva is able to isntnatly pick up on dubious behaviours and sound the alarm
  • Since system recovery is a good way to elude ransomware, Druva took it upon itself to bring a high end management solution for your backups, including scheduling
  • The aforementioned recoveries are accessible directly from Druva’s interface, where they can be performed without the risk of losing unaffected files and data.

For more information about this tool, go to Druva’s official website.



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