Microsoft is testing over-the-air DVR support for Xbox One

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Xbox One is designed to be more than just a mere gaming console. Ever since it was announced, Microsoft had envisioned it would change your gaming and TV experiences forever. As you may already know, Microsoft is planning to bring Xbox One games to Windows 10 — but they’re not stopping there: Microsoft is now testing over-the-air DVR support for the Xbox One, too.

Microsoft is testing DVR feature for Xbox One behind closed doors

With over-the-air DVR support, all Xbox One owners would be able to record live TV using just their Xbox One console. Besides a manual recording option, there’ll also be the option to schedule recordings to ensure you won’t miss out on your favorite TV shows or movies.

Since the Xbox One is designed to work as a multimedia center, you’ll also be able to stream saved videos to other devices. Saved content will be streamed using the Xbox app on Windows 10 or the Xbox SmartGlass app for iOS and Android. It’s important to point out that you won’t be limited to only streaming saved content: you’ll be able to download saved content to other devices, such as your PC, phone, or tablet, to watch it later.

The DVR process won’t interfere with your gaming session in any way, so you’ll be able to enjoy fast-paced action without missing a beat. As for requirements, all you need to do is connect an external hard drive to the Xbox One via USB port, and you’re good to go.

According to the reports, over-the-air DVR support will be included in the Xbox One Threshold Beta 1603 System Update (th2xboxrel_1603.160308-1900), so we expect to see this feature available soon — at the very least to preview members. Although a release date for this feature remains unknown, it has been confirmed to be free and available in selected countries where over-the-air TV is available.

Adding over-the-air DVR support to the Xbox One is the right step for Microsoft. By doing so, Microsoft is proving that the Xbox One is truly a multimedia center for your living room and not just a gaming console.


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