Check out this car ECU software running on Windows 10 Pro

by Milan Stanojevic
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BG calibrator Windows 10 pro

Recently, a Reddit user attempted to run BG calibrator (ECU software) on Windows 10 WoR. The Raspberry Pi project has drawn many eyeballs because the demonstration has been pretty successful.

You can use this custom built device to monitor everything in your car from fuel consumption to speed and engine RPM. It can also be used to modify your cruise control settings.

BG calibration on Windows 10

The OP has basically developed this tool for one of his colleagues who was using the older Mercedes-Benz with a custom chip. Previously, he used his 15ich old Windows laptop to monitor and calibrate things.

He has used Raspberry Pi 3B with custom 3D printed case and an Elecrow 5-inch touchscreen. Moreover, he has used a Windows 10 Pro version 1803.

BG calibrator is basically a versatile user interface that can be used with all kinds of industrial control electronics and motorsports.

The features have been developed specifically to a single line of controllers and a modular approach has been used for the development of the software. A configuration file is necessary for establishing a connection to a controller.

The OP used the following Github guides to run the experiment:

The developer is still working on the project, he stated that:

There are few things to finish with this project still. I need to find out, how to disable desktop at the boot and boot straight to application(like a kiosk). In Linux this would be pretty simple..but with Windows there are few caveats, i think..

A couple of Redditors advised users to avoid experimentation on their systems as this may brick your ECU. The fact is that you are running the x86 application on a weaker platform.

The communication is being done over USB to an embedded device with real-time serial communications. You can not predict the result if there is a drop-out or delay.  

Your ECU might get corrupted or fail with an error as it may tolerate the timing errors. So it is better to be careful and take the necessary precautions before running the experiment yourself. 


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