Edge now lets you roam data across organizational accounts

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Edge lets you roam your data across work/school accounts

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Microsoft is working around the clock on their Chromium-based browser, releasing new features regularly.

Microsoft is focusing on productivity with Edge’s new feature

After a bunch of changes in the recent weeks, and the release of Edge Beta, now the company has released another heavily requested feature, sign-in and sync with work or school accounts.

Azure Active Directory work and school accounts support this feature on the latest Dev, Canary, and Beta channel builds of Microsoft Edge.

Here’s how Microsoft describes the two major benefits with the new sign-in and sync feature:

By signing in with a work or school account, you will unlock two great experiences: your settings will sync across devices, and you’ll enjoy fewer sign-in prompts thanks to single sign-on (Web SSO).

For now your preferences, passwords, favourites, and form-fill data will sync across devices and accounts, but the tech giant has plans to expand the feature to browsing history, extensions, and open tabs:

You can control which available attributes to sync, once you enable the feature from the sync settings page. Sync makes the web a more personal, seamless experience across all devices—the less time you have to spend managing your experience, the more time you’ll have to get things done.

How does Sign-in and sync actually works in Edge?

To take advantage of the new implementation, you just have to sign in with an organizational account in Microsoft Edge, and then turn on Sync.

After that, every time you access websites and services that support Web Single Sign-On, you’ll be automatically authenticated with your credentials.

For example, if you are signed in to Edge with your work or school account and access Office.com, you’ll be automatically signed in, without the need of a username or password.

Obviously, this works with all web properties that recognise your organizational account.

Keep in mind that the work/school account sign-in and sync works only on Microsoft Edge Insider channels.

What’s your take on the new sign-in and sync feature in Edge?


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