The Edge Addons store now lets you rate extensions

by Don Sharpe
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Have you sampled any of the Microsoft Edge extensions available on the Addons store yet? Finding the right app must have been tricky, considering that there were no user reviews or ratings to guide you.

The store now lets you share your experience with any Edge add-on. Besides leaving feedback, you can also rate the apps you have used or are currently using.

How to leave feedback

Some experience with an Edge extension is necessary before you can write a credible review about it. So, start by heading on over to the browser’s add-ons store.

Find the extension and install it on Edge. Then Log in to the store using your Microsoft account details.

Select the extension you want to review and write your feedback. You can give the app a one to five-star rating depending on your experience with it.

By reviewing Edge add-ons, you will be helping future users make more informed decisions regarding what to install on their chromium-based browser.

The Edge add-ons store has over 1,500 extensions from which to select your favorite. As such, the availability of user feedback is good for you too.

It means that you can now quickly spot top-rated add-ons or at least narrow down your search.

Not many browser extensions add value, so it never hurts to check out user reviews before downloading any.

Editor’s Picks

If you need more than just user feedback to choose the right extension, try checking out the new Editor’s Picks page. It is one of the latest features to come to the Edge Addons Store.

This section has a list of the best Edge extensions on the store. It is not clear what factors contribute to the creation of the Editor’s Picks list, from the number of downloads and expert assessment to user reviews.

Currently, the section has 35 Edge add-ons, including Grammarly, Adblock Plus, and 360 Internet Protection.

The growing number of Edge extensions on the store indicates that more and more developers are embracing the browser and building solutions for it.

Microsoft wants that support to continue. It even added multilanguage support to Edge DevTools to enable more developers to come on board.

Making it easy for users to select reliable Edge add-ons may be what Microsoft needs now to increase the popularity of its Chromium-based browser.

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