Edge on Android and iPad is affected by bookmark sync issues

Madeleine Dean By: Madeleine Dean
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Edge android ipad bookmark issues

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Microsoft’s plans to make Edge the most popular browser on Windows 10 failed lamentably. Despite this failure, the Redmond giant offers Edge its full support and recently announced the launch of the browser for Android and iPad devices.

Time will tell if Microsoft succeeds in convincing Android and iPad users to adopt Edge. However, we don’t think this will happen any time soon. Microsoft first needs to fix the bugs affecting Edge on these two platforms.

Edge bookmark syncing bugs on Android & iPad

Although Microsoft released the Edge browser version for Android and iPad only recently, bug reports already started to flow. One of the most common problem reported by users regards bookmark syncing. Users are unable to sync their history and bookmarks across devices.

Unfortunately there’s a problem with my account that is preventing my history and bookmarks from syncing across devices. So I’m kinda stuck on chrome until I send Microsoft a support ticket.

As another user points out, Android and iPad users who want to install Edge on their devices should not have to contact Microsoft Support to see their bookmarks.

So, if you’ve experienced bookmark sync issue, you can send your feedback to Microsoft’s engineers, and hope they’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, this bug already pushed many users to uninstall Edge.

That’s very common problem. It’s actually the biggest reason why I left Edge. Such horrible syncing.

Edge simply isn’t as versatile and feature-rich as the other browsers. Microsoft has invested a lot of resources in promoting the browser, but honestly speaking, we doubt it will reach more than 5% in market share on Android and iPad in the best case scenario.

Have you installed Edge on Android or iPad? Tell us more about your browsing experience in the comments below.



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