Edge browser reaches all-time high 6% market share [WHAT’S NEXT?]

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft Edge

The Netmarketshare data show an unexpected rise in the market share for Microsoft Edge. With an all-time high of 6.03% market share, Edge slowly makes headway to solid ground.

Based on the data, Chrome and Firefox shares have dropped significantly from May. While Chrome dropped to 66.29% in June from 67.9% in May, Firefox drooped to 8.86% in June from 9.46% in May.

The drop has thus been an advantage for Edge which seems to have gained the share from both its competitors.

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Windows 10 support: The reason behind this market share increase?

From what the Netmarketshare graph represents, the rise in the browser’s share is not an erstwhile hit. The rise in Edge’s market share is rather a trend that’s been extending since the start of the year.

While the real reason is not yet known, it could well be the support for Windows 10 causing the sudden leap in its market share.

In fact, even Windows 10 surpassed the market share of Windows 7 recently that may be one of the major reasons for its higher numbers.

Speaking of Windows 7, did you know official support for the OS ends January 2020?

However, the reason seems pretty weak considering that Edge has been performing fairly dull throughout 2018.

Chrome, on the other hand, has been consistently holding the top spot with a market share of 65% and above.

Although Firefox has been consistent in the 2nd position, it has been dropping quite a bit since May. Firefox was at its best this year in April with a market share of 10.23%.

But the rise in market share of Microsoft Edge has been consistent since January this year. It only seems to go strong.


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