Microsoft steps up efforts to encourage Edge usage with more prompts

by Alexandru Poloboc
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It goes without saying that the Redmond-based tech company has never been a fan of Windows users downloading other browsers instead of using Edge.

However, the tech giant is now stepping up its campaign to keep people using its built-in browser in a way that most of the community will surely find annoying.

Trying to download and install your favorite web browsing software will trigger a series of prompts that are meant to dissuade you from doing so.

More prompts when you download Google Chrome

Yes, you’ve heard correctly, both Windows 10 and 11 are now displaying more prompts when you navigate to the Chrome download page.

This new effort to discourage people from installing Google’s rival browser comes after Microsoft just released new and improved versions of Edge.

It is known that back when Windows 10 was introduced, a lot of users actually preferred Chrome or Firefox over the built-in Edge.

All this actually triggered Microsoft into redesigning their own browser using the Chromium open-source engine.

Now, if you simply search for the words Google Chrome on Bing, you will have a prompt before the results, telling you that Microsoft recommends the usage of Edge as your default browser.

One might think that this is the only message the tech giant has before letting you move on to a different experience.

However, the reality is a bit different, and upon trying to download the new browser, you will be prompted once again about reconsidering.

The messages displayed on these popups are actually pretty funny, suggesting that Chrome and other browsers are outdated in comparison to Microsoft Edge.

It was expected that the Redmond company would resort to a more insistent campaign to discourage foreign browsers usage, as they tried something similar with early experimental OS builds.

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