Microsoft’s Edge Browser Won’t Support Silverlight in Windows 10

by Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft’s new default web browser for Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is receiving constant updates and improvements. First, it was completely re-branded from Project Spartan in April, than Microsoft announced that it won’t support ActiveX-based plugins anymore, and now the company stated that another feature won’t be supported in the new browser. From now on, Microsoft Edge won’t support Microsoft’s very own Silverlight web-based media player.
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The reason for this is probably because Microsoft wants to keep up with modern technologies, instead of forcing the use its own, older services. So, Microsoft decided that Edge will be focused on supporting HTML5 web-players, instead of Silverlight. This is totally reasonable move, because the majority of websites have abandoned Silverlight a long time ago. For example, Netflix was probably the most famous user of Silverlight, but the service switched to HTML5 way back in 2013.

Microsoft Silverlight was introduced in 2007 as an alternative for Adobe’s flash player for web-based media content. But it wasn’t as successful as Flash Player, and especially isn’t as successful as HTML5. Current version of Microsoft Silverlight is also very old, because the last major release, Silverlight 5, was released in 2011, and since then, Microsoft didn’t show any interest in developing the new version.

Exclusion of Silverlight won’t be visible to regular users directly, but it will make a big difference. And if Microsoft keeps its promise, and deliver Edge as a modern, fast browser that doesn’t have any bigger bugs, the company might attract a lot of users to use its default browser again. Users who lost their trust in Windows Explorer, and are looking for changes.

Microsoft Edge will be released along with Windows 10 on July 29th, and time will show how good job Microsoft did with the new browser.

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