Edge to get Native Caret browsing and High Contrast mode

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Microsoft plans to roll out its Chromium-based Edge browser with High Contrast mode and Caret browsing.

A sneak into the GitHub project shows an active contribution to the Chromium community by the tech giant. 

Caret browsing on Microsoft Edge

If you are one of those who hate using the mouse while scrolling over a webpage, a feature named caret browsing comes to the rescue.

It is currently available to users who have Firefox browser, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer installed on their PCs.

If you are using any of the supported browsers, you can easily use your keyboard to select text by pressing F7 key. The key activates the caret browsing on your browser, while the Chrome users can install the extension to use the same feature.

However, the development team has already made it clear that you will not have to use the feature in incognito mode with the extension in a secure environment.

That is why they are keen to implement the feature natively in the browser. The users will be able to use the same F7 key to activate caret browsing using a dialogue box. Moreover, Mac users can use command +Option +7 to enjoy the same feature.

High contract mode on Microsoft Edge

Secondly, Microsoft Edge also currently offers native support for high contrast mode. Hence, Microsoft plans to bring the same feature to Chromium on Windows.

The feature actually enhances the readability of the text for those users who have low vision issues. It actually inverts the text from white to black and black to white. 

How to enable both features in Edge

  1. All the Windows 10 users need to activate the high contrast mode first to use the features.
  2. Next, they will have to install the dark theme and high contrast extensions in the browser. 

We have earlier reported that Microsoft is working actively in collaboration with the Chromium team. The motive behind the collaboration is to redesign Microsoft’s Edge browser based on the Chromium technology

At the time of writing this article, Microsoft has not yet unveiled the release date for the new feature. You might have to wait for a couple of months or so until you’ll be able to test the new features.



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