Microsoft Edge Dev channel gets a fluent design update

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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The latest Edge Dev channel update comes with new fluent design capabilities and a host of other enhancements and fixes.

As you may have already seen, multiple Windows 10 app icons do not look the same anymore as the operating system’s UI transformation continues.

The ongoing facelift is in line with Microsoft’s fluent design philosophy, which it also wants developers to apply to the Win 32 apps they are building.

Fluent design for webpage controls

In Edge Dev build 82.0.446.0, developers can implement Microsoft’s fluent design concepts with webpage controls such as the calendar picker. This way, they can walk in the company’s footsteps when it comes to the creation of aesthetically-pleasing apps.

Other added features

Edge will be asking you to switch to the appropriate profile if you attempt to access school or work content via your personal profile. You will also be able to configure the Manage Search Engines feature to enable search provider discovery.

It appears that, before the latest Edge Dev update, some accounts would fail to sync without a proper explanation. Microsoft has fixed the communication glitch, so if there is synchronization failure, it will be clear why.

Collections got a significant upgrade that included better drag and drop functionality. Also, there is a proper way for sites to append price and rating info to each item added to a Collection.

Performance fixes

Build 82.0.446.0 patches multiple issues that have been affecting the performance of Edge.

The browser would crash while in use in numerous scenarios, including when you are closing it, playing the surf game, and when syncing favorites. The update has fixed these problems.

Persistent bugs

The build does not solve all of the flaws insiders reported, according to Microsoft’s josh_bodner. For example, there has been duplication of favorites in some accounts despite the company having patched the problem last month.

There are also issues that Microsoft is yet to acknowledge. Commenting on the release notes for the latest Edge Dev channel update, one insider complained about the lack of History syncing.

For me, the biggest hole at the moment is the lack of History (and currently open tabs) syncing – especially syncing with the Android version. In fact, I’m rather astonished that you released a first stable release still without that very fundamental feature.

To download Edge build 82.0.446.0, you can go to the Edge Insider website. Microsoft updates the Dev channel every week.

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