Developers can now build add-ons for Edge in local languages

by Don Sharpe
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Microsoft has announced the availability of DevTools for the Edge browser in 10 additional languages. Before the announcement, developers could only build apps for the Chromium-based browser in English.

The newly supported languages are Chinese (simplified and traditional), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. If you speak any of these languages, Microsoft now offers you the tools you need to quickly get started on building extensions, plug-ins, and other applications for Edge.

Developer support

Microsoft is touting the decision to offer Microsoft Edge DevTools in localized languages as a step that will bring inclusivity and enhance developer productivity.

We know inclusivity makes us work better, and we love when we find ways to put that knowledge into practice… Developer experiences are more productive when they fit our language and location preferences.

Inclusivity, in this context, serves the interests of both Microsoft and developers. For starters, the new Edge browser launched just the other day, and it can use all the developer community support it can get.

The browser itself is a work in progress, and it gets design enhancements from time to time. Its popularity will go up as more developers from different parts of the world come on board to help.

The strategy can work for Edge like it did when Microsoft localized DevTools for Visual Studio Code and Azure Portal.

How to localize your DevTools for Edge

You would get started on app development for Edge a little quicker if your DevTools matched the language of your browser by default. That’s only possible if you’re on the Canary build, for now.

With Dev, Beta, and Stable channels, you have to access the “flags” settings page to activate your localized DevTools. You can quickly do this by typing “edge://flags” in your browser’s address bar and hitting enter. Then set the flag to “Enabled” to start building solutions for Edge in your preferred language.

You may go back to English any time by accessing “Preferences” under “DevTools Settings” and deactivating the “Match browser language” feature.

Microsoft is considering supporting Hebrew, Arabic, and other right-to-left languages to enable more developers to participate in the creation of solutions for Edge. Feel free to reach out to the Microsoft Edge Team if you would like your local language included.


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