Edge is the most frequently out-of-date browser, study finds

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It seems that no matter how hard Microsoft doesn’t try, it still doesn’t manage to provide the millions of customers that it has with a decent browser. Many of us thought that Edge, their newest browser, could improve things for the company, but yet another story confirms it’s not the case.

A fresh report coming from Duo Security, the company that Cisco acquired last year for a whopping $2.35B in cash, seems to suggest that Edge users “forget” the most to update their browser.

Edge users are running outdated versions

The security company details in their finding the following: “at the time of our data collection, we found that Edge is the most frequently out-of-date browser (73 percent) on end user devices, while Internet Explorer was the most frequently up to date (2 percent out of date)“.

This is perhaps the first study where Internet Explorer beats Edge at something. But the reason for that could be quite simple – the users perceive Edge as something new, and they don’t believe it needs updates. On the other hand, IE is known for being a massive security floodgate.

The study goes on to say the following:

When compared to 2018’s data, Edge rose to the No. 1 most frequently out-of-date browser from fifth place. That is likely due to Edge being coupled with Windows 10 and enterprises struggling to run the latest and greatest version.

Firefox is the biggest winner here, falling from 2018’s most frequently out-of-date browser with 93 percent to fourth place this year at 18 percent. Chrome also became less frequently out of date, shrinking from 53 percent in 2018 to 15 percent in 2019.

It’s worth pointing out that both browsers are using auto-updates to ensure they’re running the latest version


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