Easy to play Edge surfing game now available to all

by Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft has released Edge build 83.0.478.37 to the stable channel.
  • The latest update comes with the new Edge Surf Game.
  • Visit the News page to catch up on the latest from Microsoft.
  • There's much more to discover about the Chromium-based browser on the Microsoft Edge page. Don't hesitate to check it out! 
Edge browser game

Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser is getting plenty of love from its developers. It is receiving a whole bunch of new features lately, from PUA blocking and smarter Collections to convenient sidebar search and auto profile switching. The latest update to the browser is the Edge surfing game that everyone can now play.

Microsoft Edge surfing game now available in the stable channel

Microsoft initially hid the game in its Chromium-based browser. When it debuted in November, insiders had to decode a series of puzzles and images to locate it. It was part of a thrilling Easter egg hunt that led to the revelation of the new Edge logo.

Well, now you can copy and paste edge://surf into the address bar of your Edge browser to start playing the game.

Starting with build 83.0.478.37, users can now play a surfing-themed game in the new Microsoft Edge when they’re offline or by navigating to edge://surf. The game, which has been available for Insiders since late February, is now available for everyone to play in the latest Stable channel release.

The game’s design draws a little inspiration from the SkiFree classic game for Windows that Microsoft introduced back in 1991.

It is a simple game that is very easy to play using a mouse, touch, controller, or keyboard.

With a steady hand, you are good to go! Just grab your mouse and keep moving it left or right to avoid obstacles while riding through the water.

Be sure not crash into an island or fellow surfers though!

There is nothing scary about the game, by the way, unless you run into the legendary sea monster, the kraken.

The game is playable offline, and it supports three modes: Trial, Endless, and Zig zag.

Of course, nobody expects a browser-based game to have superior graphics. But can Microsoft at least give it a cool name other than the Surf Game? Just a thought!

Have you tried playing the new Edge surfing game? Tell us what you think about it by leaving a message in the comments section below.

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