Another major company drops Windows Phone app support

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Customers of the popular mobile network EE from the UK are probably familiar with the company’s user account management app that serves as a tool to facilitate communication between it and clients. Until recently, it was available on pretty much all major platforms that you could find running on smartphones. This means that EE’s app was available on iOS and Android, but also on BlackBerry and Windows Phone. It would seem that it’s no longer the case for the latter two and that apps pertaining to those particular platforms have been discontinued.

This decision comes after the company’s management decided the gap between Android/iOS and every other platform is so big that they should focus more on the first two. While Android and iOS users may benefit from EE’s increased interest in those platforms, others that are currently using BlackBerry or Windows Phone will suffer.

My EE Solution

The application in question is called My EE and it allows users to manage their accounts as well as check bills and keep an eye on their usage. Now that those functions are no longer available outside of Android and iOS, users of the excluded operating systems will have to use those services online. EE also comes with a less conventional solution for the Windows Phone users. While it’s not an actual app, they can pin the EE website on their start screen so that it will be available for access at a moment’s notice.

Things aren’t looking very good for Microsoft’s mobile platform. The Windows developer’s efforts to maintain a stable and competitive mobile platform are falling apart as more and more services are ditching support for it. Among the services that have recently decided not to support Windows Phone anymore, we can count eBay, Runtastic or Delta Air Lines.



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