‘Elements: The Periodic Table’ Chemistry App Released for Windows 8.1

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Released by Naveen CS the “Elements: The Periodic Table” is the app to have on Windows 8.1 for any chemistry lover out there. A table with the periodic elements can now be accessed not only from the PC and laptop but from your Windows 8.1 tablet or phone making it more useful if you are at school or some remote place where you don’t have access to anything but your phone.
Elements The Periodic table for Windows 8.1
“Elements: The Periodic Table” on Windows 8.1 also lists the properties of all chemical element, you only need to click on the chemical element of your choosing and it will display all the properties, history, name of origin, the applications for which it is used, it will also show you a diagram of the electron shell and the hazards that might come with this element.

“Elements: The Periodic Table” especially made for your Windows 8.1 devices

As a built in feature of “Elements: The Periodic Table” for Windows 8.1 is the comparison option. With this feature you can compare the properties of two different elements by accessing the “Compare Elements” page inside the app.

Also as a quick and accessible feature in “Elements: The Periodic Table” you can now start typing anywhere in the page and it will automatically open a search charm for you to find your specific element and also list all the available history of it. The way you can search for an element is very simple, you only need to type the symbol, name or the atomic number of that element and it will find it.

The app developer says that “Elements: The Periodic Table” for Windows 8.1 meets all the accessibility requirements needed to run it as smoothly as possible. As a hardware spec we will need around 30 MB of free space on our phone, tablet or PC and the x86, x64, ARM processors.

If I got your attention you only need to go on Windows Store or follow the link below to download “Elements: The Periodic Table” on Windows 8.1 for free and try it for yourself, if you liked the app or you had any issues installing it leave us a comment below.

Download here “Elements: The Periodic Table”.


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