Micosoft Edge tracking prevention feature blocks malicious trackers

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The latest Microsoft Edge Canary Build recently got a new feature addition that protects users from malicious trackers.

Users can activate this new Microsoft Edge tracking prevention feature by turning on the browser flag in edge://flags along with other preliminary features.

The new feature for its Chromium-based Edge browser was first released at the Microsoft Build last month. According to the company, this new addition is expected to be modified based on the Windows Insider reviews.

According to Microsoft, the tracking prevention feature is built to block malicious website trackers that users don’t access directly.

They further added that each time a website has a footfall, the third-party trackers may store information in the browser.  They do so by adding cookies and other storage methods.

The stored information could be the sites visited and the content users are interested in. The trackers cause these details to create a digital profile and pass it over to organizations offering them confidential content when visiting other sites.

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How to access tracking prevention on Edge?

Users can type edge://flags#edge-tracking-prevention in the address bar of the Microsoft Edge browser and access the tracking prevention feature.

On activation, a dedicated section will now be seen in the privacy settings of the Microsoft Edge browser. This will ensure three individual stages of protection to block any harmful trackers used for ad targeting.

The “Balanced” stage blocks some of the third-party trackers. To block most of the third-party trackers, users can enable the “Strict” level, which is also the default level protection as the InPrivate windows start.

To block some of the harmful trackers, users can enable the “basic” level that allows related ads to run.

Steps to enable Microsoft Edge tracking prevention

According to Microsoft, it has included Trust Protection List to the Edge browser featuring the most recent details of the online trackers.

The Edge team says “This component allows us to be flexible with where we source details on what a tracker is and when we deliver updated lists to our users.

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