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  • Getting the err_cache_miss error can be confusing, but this guide will provide helpful information.
  • To start resolving this issue, try clearing your browser's data and resetting your network settings.
  • To ensure you'll always stay away from such errors, start using the reliable Opera browser instead.
  • Isn’t this an option to consider? For more useful guides, check out our extensive Chrome Hub too.
Fix err_cache_miss error
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The err_cache_miss error is one that arises in browsers for specific website pages. When that issue arises, a tab opens that displays a Confirm Form Resubmission err_cache_miss error message.

Consequently, users can’t open a specific website page. If you can’t open certain websites on Chrome because of that error, check out these fixes for it.

How can I fix the err_cache_miss error?

1. Try another browser

Taking a peek at the below troubleshooting steps is enough to realize that they are time-consuming. If you lack the patience to update your browser or reset it, let’s see what Opera can do for you.

Some of Opera’s strongest points are its availability on all major platforms and the ease of transition. While other browsers make this a living nightmare, things are different this time.

Well, all your passwords, bookmarks, and autofill data can be transferred in just a couple of clicks. This web browser also features a built-in VPN with unlimited bandwidth, as well as an ad blocker.

And best of all, one particular aspect that you’re about to enjoy is its stability. As a lightweight, yet fast browser, issues are unlikely to appear any time soon.



To quickly get rid of the err_cache_miss error, consider using a reliable browser. Opera clearly won’t disappoint you!

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2. Update your browser

First, try updating your browser to the latest version. Open the website for your browser. Click the download button there to save the installer for the latest version.

Open the installer for the latest browser version to install it.

Google Chrome website err_cache_miss

3. Clear your browser’s data

Google Chrome

  1. The err_cache_miss error can be due to browser data conflicting with the website. To clear Google Chrome’s data, click the Customize Google Chrome button.
  2. Select More tools and Clear browsing data to open the window shown directly below.
    Clear browsing data window err_cache_miss
  3. Select the Browsing history, Cookies, and Cached images options.
  4. Click the Clear data button.


  1. Click Firefox’s Open menu button.
  2. Select Options to open that tab.
  3. Click Privacy on the left side of the Options tab.
  4. Click the Clear Data option.
    Clear Data window err_cache_miss
  5. Select the Cached and Cookies checkboxes.
  6. Click the Clear button.

4. Reset the browser

Google Chrome

  1. Try disabling all your extensions by resetting the browser. To reset Google Chrome, type this in the URL bar and press the Enter key: chrome://settings/
  2. Click Advanced at the bottom of the Settings tab.
  3. Click the Restore settings to their original defaults button at the bottom of the tab.
    Restore settings button err_cache_miss
  4. Press the Reset settings button.


  1. Click the Open menu button in Firefox.
  2. Select the Help option.
  3. Click Troubleshooting Information to open the tab in the shot directly below.
    Troubleshooting Information tab err_cache_miss
  4. Click the Refresh Firefox button.
  5. Press the Refresh Firefox button on the dialog box to confirm.

5. Reset your network settings

  1. The err_cache_miss might also be a network issue. To reset network settings, press the Windows key + S keyboard shortcut.
  2. Input Command Prompt in the search box that opens.
  3. Right-click Command Prompt so that you can select its Run as administrator option.
    Run as administrator option err_cache_miss
  4. Then input each of these separate commands (press Enter after each one):
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /all
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /renew
    netsh int ip set dns
    netsh winsock reset
  5. Thereafter, close the Command Prompt; and restart the desktop or laptop.

6. Disable Confirm Form Resubmission in Google Chrome

  1. Chrome users can fix the err_cache_miss error by disabling form resubmission. To do that, right-click your Google Chrome shortcut and select Properties.
  2. Next, add -disable-prompt-on-repost to the end of the Target box as shown in the shot directly below.
    Google Chrome Properties window err_cache_miss
  3. Click the OK and Apply buttons.
  4. Then click the Chrome shortcut to open the browser.

These are some of the more likely fixes for the err_cache_miss error. Have you tried them?

Let us know which one worked for you in the comments area below. Also, don’t hesitate to share any other tips that might work.

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