• Fans of the Square Enix owned video games reported error code i2501 when trying to make a payment to the publisher.
  • This error is an indication of incorrect payment information or, most probably, that the credit card issuer finds a suspicious transaction from an unknown source.
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FFXIV patch issues

Square Enix is a game publisher owning various action and adventure games, amongst others, the Final Fantasy series, Tomb Raider, or Life is Strange.

Fans have reported error code i2501 while trying to make a payment in their Square Enix account. It is most common with players in the Middle East and Asia or moving to these territories from their originating countries.

This article lists some solutions on how to get past this error and keep enjoying the gaming experience.

How do I get past error i2501?

1. Turn off VPN or Proxy

Turn off VPN or Proxy from the Start menu > Settings > Network &  Internet.error i2501

Using a VPN or a Proxy offers additional layers of functionality, security, or privacy. But certain service providers, especially banking institutions reject private connections requesting full access to the Internet for transparency reasons. 

2. Turn off ad blockersno ad blocker for final fantasy error

Although ad blockers don’t usually interfere with payment platforms. Nevertheless, some users mentioned that turning off their ad blocking extension and waiting for a couple of hours before making one more payment attempt did the trick.

3. Contact supportcontact square enix suport

Contacting Square Enix dedicated support is the final recommended step because their response time is not as quick as expected. Customers complained about not getting a response for weeks. Some tried contacting the support team via the chat option which proved a better option.

4. Make payment via a mobile device

This is an alternative option to the web payment; the success rate is not very high but it is worth a try.

FAQ: Learn more about Final Fantasy IV

  • Do you have to pay monthly for Final Fantasy XIV?

Yes, FFIV (Final Fantasy 14) is a subscription-based game. The monthly fee starts from $12.99.

  • Is Final Fantasy XIV worth playing?

The general opinion is that the game is totally worth it, especially since the developer released an extension back in 2019, which boosted their popularity.

  • How can I get Final Fantasy XIV for free?

You have to subscribe to the Square Enix page and you can play the trial version of the game up until level 35, for an unlimited period of time.