European Halo Championship Pro League Summer 2016 Season coming soon

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Microsoft is currently working on the European Halo Championship Pro League Summer 2016 Season, and we’ve got information on th official details. this should come as no surprise since Microsoft had always wanted to transform Halo into a eSport franchise, and so far, it appears the plan is working.

The qualifier is expected to take place from May 8 to May 21. The folks who make it to the top will be allowed to take part in the European Halo Championship Pro League Summer 2016 Season. It is truly a season for the best Halo players in all of Europe, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on everything that will happen.

The following is the main information players will need to know before anything else:

  • The qualifiers will feature six teams matching off against each other twice a week to progress up the ladder.
  • Each game will have three matches and each team will go up against each of the others at least twice per session.
  • Only the top four teams will progress to the Season Finals, which will earn them a position in the Fall 2016 Season.
  • Those in 5th and 6th position will participate in a relegation event against the top teams from the HCS Open Circuit.
  • The HCS Open Circuit will feature new teams wanting to play in the HCS Pro League Fall 2016 Season.

When it comes down to the dates and what takes place during those times, the following contains all the important information:

Summer Qualifier: May 8

Eight teams will be invited to the Summer Qualifier based on their performance in the Halo World Championship. This qualifier will see the top two teams advance directly to the HCS Pro League, while the remaining six will drop to the Last Chance Qualifier and secure seeds 1 through 6.

Open Qualifiers 1, 2 and 3: May 17-19

Open to all competitors, these three tournaments will determine which teams will advance to the Last Chance Qualifier. In the Open Qualifiers, the top four teams will advance from Open 1 and 2 but only the top two will advance from Open 3.

Last Chance Qualifier: May 21

Like its name implies, the Last Chance Qualifier will be the final opportunity for teams to qualify for HCS Pro League, with three final spots up for grabs. The winners from Open Qualifiers 1, 2, and 3 will meet the bottom six teams from the Summer Qualifier who are already holding seeds 1- 6. This will be the biggest, best and final chance to grab a spot in the European HCS Pro League for the Summer Season!


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