Eve Tech is working on a new Windows 10 mini-PC

by Milan Stanojevic
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eve tech windows 10 mini pc

In the past few months, Eve Tech has been gathering user feedback so as to design the perfect Windows 10 laptops and mini-PCs.

The company asked the following questions about Windows 10 PCs:

  1. Describe yourself as a user. What do you use your mini-PC for?
  2. What mini-PC are you using now? What made you choose this one?
  3. If you were to buy a new mini-PC today, which one would you choose and why?
  4. What do you think are the common shortcomings for mini-PCs currently on the market, and is there a unique value or innovation that Eve & the community could bring?

User-based suggestions for mini-PCs

Users are of the opinion that most of the mini PCs out there have their own shortcomings. Some have issues with the processor power, Thunderbolt, and graphics.

Others lack expandability, have issues with cable/WiFi antennas and dongle management.

Users have actually provided Eve tech with some amazing suggestions for their upcoming mini-PCs.

For example, most PC users think that the mini-PCs that are currently available in the market have not been developed for common consumers. Today’s devices seem to mainly satisfy the needs of enthusiast techies.

Most users said they are looking for small PCs powered by Windows 10 that are easy to carry around while traveling. Such users need to perform some basic functionalities such as:

  1. Surf the web
  2. Stream videos (YouTube, Netflix, Amazone Prime, etc.)
  3. Play games

So, according to users, these PCs should be developed to support Wifi, Bluetooth, LTE and USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort. The devices should support high-performance gaming via Shadow or a similar service.

Many users are of the opinion that Eve should try Android TV to compete against Apple TV. The company needs to explore the space available in this market. Another user wants an Eve Android box that should compete against popular NVIDIA Shield. 

It should have a powerful graphics card and allow endless expandability by supporting more than one Thunderbolt 3 (ideally, 4xTB3).

Some users like the idea of ‘family sharing’ and ‘parental control’ just like it has been introduced for the MiiPC. Others want Eve to explore all the use cases and enhance the GUI.

Ideas for upcoming Eve tech laptops

The next product category in which the company has shown its interest is “Laptops”. Eve created another thread Tell us what you think about laptops on its community forum.

If you’re interested in reading more about the specs and features that the upcoming Eve Tech laptops may feature, check out the company’s development forum threat.

Speaking of laptops, you may also be interested in reading our review on the Eve V convertible tablet.

So, when is the company planning to launch the new devices? Next year, perhaps. Our guess is that this year the company will work on the product prototype. In this manner, Eve should have enough time to thoroughly test the new device before rolling it on the market.

What’s your take on this? What features do you expect the upcoming Eve mini-PCs to sport? Let us know in the comments below.


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