Evernote app for Windows 10 PC improved with better navigation, search and note categories

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A promise is a promise and Evernote knows that. The company kept its promise and rolled out a major update for its Windows 10 desktop app, bringing a series of improvements in search, navigation and content tagging.

Navigation has been improved in order to create a natural and familiar experience to Windows users. The left sidebar has been pared down so that you can manage your content faster. If you need extra working space, you can collapse the left sidebar into a thin navigation strip so that you can focus on the information you are working on. Go to View > Left Panel from the Evernote menu or press the F10 shortcut to activate this feature.

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If you want to jump to a specific notebook, you can hover over the “Notebooks” section and you will have options: search for an existing notebook or create a new one. Use can use the same feature for the “Tags” section.

Content is now better organized. Before this update, personal and business notes, notebooks, tags existed within their individual sections. Now, it is clearer which type of content you are working on because personal and business content exist in two separate columns. You have two sidebars, one for personal notes and the other for business related notes. Their name is clearly visible on top of the sidebar. You can also copy content from one sidebar to the other or to OneNote.

Evernote PC update

The search bar now sits on top of the Note List. You can also narrow down your search by using search parameters for better results. Evernote will search through all the note folders, including through the trash folder for relevant results.

Now you can also highlight important items. Create your own color code and add tags in order to find specific notes more quickly. Right-click on a desired notebook or tag, select “Style” and choose your color. When you add a color to a specific tag, all the notes with that tag will appear with the respective color in the Note List.

Users love the new features and also suggest that a UWP app is the next step for Evernote to take:

Nice, but would be even better if it was an UWP app!


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