Rockfish Games updates Everspace with new heavy-class ship, fixes and more

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Launched in early access last September, Everspace has grown to become one of the best space shooters on Xbox One and the Windows 10 Store. It’s available to purchase via Xbox Play Anywhere. Prior to its full release in the first quarter of 2017, the rogue-like single-player space game received a huge update from Rockfish Games.

All-new Colonial Gunship

The new update comes with the all-new Colonial Gunship, a heavy-class ship that packs a fusion blaster, flak cannon, missiles, cluster mines, probes, warfare drones, and an upgradable automated Gatling turret. Rockfish Games squeezed them all into the flying fortress’ massive hull. The hull also works to stockpile items found o the battlefield.

The Colonial Gunship, however, lacks a shield generator and moves slower than other ships in the game. The goal is to make the combat a bit more adrenaline pumping in the face of many foes. Thanks to the higher nanobots cap, gamers will surely be able to survive the battle still.

New perk system

The developers also split perks into pilot and ship-related categories, with pilots observing some changes in the ship perks. Rockfish Games says the new perk system aims to differentiate ships by replay value while helping pilots to accumulate more perks.

Rockfish Games also added perks like armor exclusive for the Gunship and sensor range for the Scout. This helps to highlight the differences between the game style of the three player ships. There are two new perks for pilots as well: trading and diplomacy.

The trading perk gives pilots certain benefits at shops and service stations. With the diplomacy perk, pilots will be able to increase their G&B standing. While the G&B units can become hostile occasionally, pilots can still turn to them for help in desperate moments using the diplomacy perk.

Other updates

In addition to the new ship and perk system, Everspace now introduces a new planet type, fresh hazards, additional structures, more points of interest, a new type of foe, and the log book entries for the first time written by backers.

Bug fixes

Rockfish Games acknowledged a few issues under Windows 10 on the Windows Store. In collaboration with ID@Xbox, the developers have now fixed the performance issue in notebooks by forcing Everspace to use the device’s external GPU when the game runs on battery power.

The occasional crash after five minutes has also annoyed many gamers. Rockfish Games addressed this by disabling the trial until the developer obtains certification for a new build with proper license management.

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