Microsoft Excel uses AI to turn pictures of tables into editable tables

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microsoft excel Insert Data from Picture

Excel Mobile apps are going to have a an extremely useful feature for both iOS and Android users. Microsoft launched Insert Data from Picture. This feature allows Excel users to convert printed tables into an editable Excel table right on their devices.

You must have got a chance to manually enter data into a spreadsheet that is printed on a piece of paper. We all know that how frustrating it become sometimes when we have a large table.

Insert Data from Picture is a productivity-oriented feature

Good news for all those who have been doing this for years: you can now take pictures of your document/hard copy and actually convert it into an editable table on Excel after cropping it.

You can do that in a couple of minutes using your Excel Mobile app and the Insert Data from Picture excel turn table pictures into editable tables

In case a few fields have not been correctly captured by the mobile app, you can edit the data to match it to the correct values.

This feature will make the life of most Excel users a lot easier, especially of you have been manually doing the same task for years.

Microsoft is really working hard to improve its Office apps by focusing on AI.Working with spreadsheets is not going to be boring anymore.

We can also expect similar features to be introduced in the other Office apps very soon. Initially, the feature will be available for the Microsoft 365 users who are using the Android Excel app. iOS users will get this new feature later this year.

Most users welcomed the new feature and started sharing their excited on social media. However, iOS users are still waiting for the feature to be released soon.

They pointed out that the feature will help companies to do their work more efficiently with out hiring extra data entry people for the task. It can also help PhD students to manage their work and spare some free time for them.

Some of the users are also concerned about the accuracy of the OCR technology but we’re sure Microsoft will fine tune it with the upcoming releases.


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