You can now finally export bookmarks from Opera

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
Troubleshooting Expert
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Opera Software just released the latest version of its desktop browser, Opera 47. The new Opera build comes a little earlier than we’re used to, because the usual development cycle is six weeks.

Probably because it arrived earlier than expected, Opera 47 is lighter on major features. However, it features a handful of improvements that users will surely be happy to see.

The highlight of this update is the ability to export bookmarks. As strange as it sounds, Opera received this option just now, much later than its competitors. The developers were probably busy working on more advanced features of the browser that they forgot about this simple one. But anyway, you can now (finally) export bookmarks from Opera.

“This stable build provides a choice of exporting all of your bookmarks. Everything from your Speed Dial, bookmarks bar and other folders are neatly listed in a single HTML file. Additionally, the bookmarks pop up – seen when adding a new bookmark or Speed Dial entry – received some fixes to bugs experienced earlier.”

Another highlighted improvement is the enhanced video playback. According to the official release notes, video playback in Opera should be smoother now, providing a better experience for users, mostly on Windows 7:

“Windows 7 Aero users should no longer see flickering background images when switching between YouTube videos. For macOS adherents, broken auto-played YouTube videos when going to fullscreen were fixed. Everyone should see a smoother video pop-up player in Opera 47.”

Besides these ‘more important’ improvements, the latest Opera version also brings smoother background loading of news, a longer list of closed tabs, and some design and security improvements. So, users of Opera really have something to look for in this release.

To obtain the latest version of Opera, just update your browser. Or you can download it manually from this link.