Vine users will be able to export old vines using Giphy

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Users were left heartbroken after Twitter made it official that it would shut down Vine. While its fanbase was in the process of recuperating, Giphy swooped in and made the disappointing news more bearable with a tool that would allow users to turn their old Vines into GIFs that will continue living on Giphy’s website.

“Long live the loop!” exclaims the company while announcing that its tool for safeguarding user’s favorite Vines is currently in the works. Still, the feature comes with its own cons, like the absence of audio. Nonetheless, it’s a great gesture for Vine fans.

Vine’s dedicated consumer base persuaded Twitter to invest $30 million into incorporating the service into its platform. The charm didn’t last for long, however, and Twitter bid adieu to the short-form video sharing service. Twitter also confirmed the persistence of the website which would serve as a permanent tool for video to GIF conversion, as well as a storage unit for old videos or vines.

The service is still available on Twitter for a while and the process of discontinuation will probably take months. For the time being, no permanent date has been set for the tool’s release, with the only time period specified by the company being “very soon”. Until then, there is a huge possibility for more companies to hop in and present us with more innovative alternatives for reviving old Twitter vines.

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