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  • Sometimes we need to extract audio from video in Windows 10 for a song that we may find catchy.
  • From our guide, you will learn how to extract audio from video in a high-quality manner using very good software.
  • A great tool from Adobe is one such software, a powerhouse for audio editing.
  • We have other 26 tools that you can try, including online and free software to extract audio from video.
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A video won’t open? Just convert it to another format
If you struggle playing a video file on your PC, try this tool which will easily convert it to a format that is compatible with your player. You will be able to watch and listen it in just a few clicks. Here’s what this convertor can do:

Easely convert any video
in just a few clicks

Stellar Audio Video Converter

Another great application that can help you convert video to audio is Stellar Audio Video Converter. The application has a simple to use interface so it will be perfect for first-time users.

Stellar Audio Video Converter works with video files and you can easily convert any video format.

In addition, the application also works with audio files and you can convert MP3, WAV, AIFF, MP2, M4A, and other file types with ease.

Another useful feature this application offers is the ability to extract audio from video files. This feature is simple to use and you can easily convert almost any video file to MP3.

The application supports video editing and you can apply various effects to your videos.

In addition, you can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, and you can also rotate or flip your videos. If needed, you can also crop your videos or add a watermark to them.

If you want to extract audio from video files, you’ll be pleased to hear that trimming is also available, so you can easily remove unnecessary segments from a video file.

The application supports batch conversion allowing you to automate tasks with ease. Thanks to the simplistic user interface, you can easily convert your video to another video format or extract its audio.

If needed, you can even optimize your video for various mobile devices.

Stellar Audio Video Converter is a simple application and it offers easy to use interface so it’s perfect for first-time users. The application supports basic video editing as well as the ability to trim multimedia files.

The demo version allows you to convert only the first 60 seconds of any multimedia file, but if you want to remove this limitation, you need to purchase a license.

Get Stellar Converter

Movavi Video Converter

This is a video converter, but it also allows you to extract audio from video files. The application has a sleek user interface and all options are sorted into tabs and easily accessible.

You can easily process video and audio files, but you can also convert DVD discs or images as well. There’s support for more than 30 different video formats, 15 audio formats, and 15 image formats.

In addition to various formats, you can optimize your file for a wide range of devices including tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Movavi Video Converter also supports video editing so you can cut your video or join different clips.

You can also crop and rotate your video, stabilize it, and enhance its quality or add captions and watermarks.

The application uses SuperSpeed mode, so it offers extremely fast conversion.

In addition, the application fully utilizes hardware acceleration and multiple CPU cores in order to provide you with maximum conversion speed.

In addition to video conversion, the application also allows you to extract audio from video files. If needed, you can change audio parameters before you begin the conversion.

The application can also create animated GIFs and capture screenshots from your videos.

In addition, you can easily share videos online right from the application or convert all videos from a selected directory automatically.

A wide range of customization is available, and you can choose both audio and video codecs, specify a custom resolution, bitrate, and change other settings.

Movavi Video Converter offers an amazing user interface and simplicity which makes it perfect for first-time users. With the wide range of available features, the application is also perfect for advanced users.

Even though this application is a video converter, it supports other features including audio extraction. The application is available for a 7-day trial, but if you want to continue using it, you need to purchase a license.

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Audials Tunebite

Unlike other applications on our list, Audials Tunebite works as a multimedia player, but it also allows you to convert files.

The application allows you to record audio streams with ease and it’s fully compatible with music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, etc.

As for output formats, the application supports mp3, acc, flac, uvw and many other formats.

Audials Tunebite can even record songs and export them while recording. It can even automatically recognize ads and skip them.

It’s worth mentioning that the application supports automatic tagging so all your recorded songs will have ID3 tags assigned to them. If needed, you can also add tags manually and search for lyrics online.

The application also allows you to save video streams and you can even record them in the background. This feature also supports all major streaming services so you can easily record almost any online stream.

The application works with all major browsers and it’s optimized for high-resolution video content.

There’s also a file conversion feature and you can convert over 40 different types of audio files. In addition, you can convert audio CDs to digital format using this application.

The application allows you to export your files to wide range of formats.

There are over 100 device profiles available so you can easily optimize files for almost any mobile device. If needed, you can customize any available profile in order to achieve the best results.

The application also allows you to extract audio from video files which can be rather useful.

It seems that Audials Tunebite lacks the editing feature so you won’t be able to trim unnecessary segments which is a flaw in our opinion.

As for additional options, the application also allows you to rip DVDs and save them to digital format.

The application also works as a multimedia player so you can play almost any multimedia file. If needed, you can also organize your multimedia into playlists.

Audials Tunebite is a great multimedia application and it’s perfect if you need to record streams or convert files.

The application lacks editing features which makes you unable to trim your files. This is a great application and you can download the trial version free of charge.

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VLC Media Player

VLC media player is probably one of the most popular media players for Windows and other platforms. This media player is available for both Mac and Linux, and there’s even an Android version available.

This application can play content from almost any source and it supports wide range of audio and video formats.

VLC Media Player has a wide array of features available, and one of those features is the ability to extract audio from video.

To extract audio, you just have to use Advanced Open File option and choose Convert option from the menu.

Extracting audio with VLC is rather simple and even the most basic users can do it. This application is completely free, so it’s perfect for every user.

VLC offers a wide array of features, so if you need a powerful multimedia player that can also extract audio from video files be sure to try VLC media player.

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Another application that can help you extract audio from video files is Audacity. This is a completely free open source audio editor available on all major PC platforms.

The application can manage multiple recording and playback devices, and there are also level meters so you can easily monitor volume levels.

In addition to using various input sources, you can also record computer playback as well.

You can even dub over existing tracks in order to create multi-track recordings.

The application allows you to import and export files, but you can also create WAV or AIFF files that are optimized for audio CD burning.

In addition, you can export MP3 files using the LAME encoder library. We also have to mention that you can export AC3, M4A/M4R (AAC) and WMA files using the FFmpeg library plug-in.

Using this plug-in you’ll be also able to open video files and export audio from them.

As for additional features, Audacity supports 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit samples as well as standard editing options. The application also supports unlimited undo and redo steps, so you can easily fix any mistake.

There’s also an ability to edit and mix large number of tracks as well as support for multiple clips per track. The application also supports various effects, and you can generate tones, silence or rhythm track.

You can also change the pitch, tempo or reduce noise. If needed, you can alter frequencies, adjust the volume and reduce vocals.

There are also many other effects available, and you can enhance the application even further by using third-party plug-ins.

Audacity is a great audio editor, and with FFmpeg plug-in you can use it to easily extract audio from video files.

The application offers great audio editing options, and it’s completely free, so there’s no reason not to try it.

A portable version is also available, so you can run this tool on your PC without an installation.

Get Audacity

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  • You will need specialized software for that so here’s our list with the best tools to extract audio from video files.

  • Yes, despite being known primarily as a video player, VLC Media Player has several editing and conversion tools incorporated.

  • There are several different web services that allow you to extract audio from a wide variety of video formats. Some of the online video editors can do that.

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