10+ best tools to extract audio from video files

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  • Sometimes we need to extract audio from video in Windows 10 for a song that we may find catchy.
  • From our guide, you will learn how to extract audio from video in a high-quality manner using very good software.
  • A great tool from Adobe is one such software, a powerhouse for audio editing.
  • We have other 26 tools that you can try, including online and free software to extract audio from video.
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Free Video to MP3 converter

If you’re looking for a software specialized for extracting audio from video, you might want to consider Free Video to MP3 converter.

The application comes with simple and modern user interface so you can easily access all necessary features.

To extract the audio, simply add your video files to the application. The application supports wide range of input formats and it works with almost any video format.

As for the number of supported file types, the list includes more than 30 different formats.

In terms of output formats, there are 6 different presets available to choose from. The application will automatically add a title tag to your MP3 file, but it can also generate the artwork by taking a snapshot from the video.

It’s worth mentioning that you can export your audio to WAV and WMA format as well. Even though the application is free, it will add an audio watermark at the beginning and at the end of the processed file.

To remove this watermark, you need to purchase the Premium version. The Premium version also offers ad-free experience along with greater speed and better audio quality.

Free Video to MP3 converter is a simple application, and with its friendly user interface even the most basic users can extract audio from video files.

The application is free to use, but it comes with certain limitations that you can remove by purchasing the Premium version.

Get Free Video to MP3 converter

Pazera Free Audio Extractor

If you’re looking for a specialized tool for audio extraction you should consider Pazera Free Audio Extractor. The application offers a simple user interface that allows you to easily manage videos that you want to use.

The left pane represents the list of videos that you want to use while the right pane allows you to configure output settings.

As for output settings, you can choose the output directory and you can even add prefix or suffix to the output file.

The application also comes with about 20 different output profiles so you can easily extract audio from any video file. If needed, you can also configure your output format manually.

The application supports 11 different audio formats and you can even adjust the bitrate, sampling frequency and number of channels. If needed, you can also change the volume level for the output file.

Pazera Free Audio Extractor also allows you to select the range that you want to extract as audio, but it requires you to enter the start time and end time manually.

Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t come with a preview window which makes selecting the desired range harder than it needs to be.

It’s worth mentioning that the application has a preview feature, but it doesn’t offer any playback controls so you can’t see the current time.

In addition, the application also supports FFmpeg command line parameters so you can use them during the conversion process.

Pazera Free Audio Extractor can also work with multiple files so you can extract audio from two or more files with ease.

This is a solid application for audio extraction, but the lack of proper preview feature makes it harder to select the segments you want to convert.

The application is completely free, and there’s even a portable version available so you can run this tool without an installation.

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AVS Audio Converter

Another application that can help you extract audio from video files is AVS Audio Converter. This is an audio converter, and it works with MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AMR, OGG, FLAC, MP2 and other type of audio files.

In addition to audio, the application also works with video files and it allows you to extract audio from them.

The application supports about 40 different formats, so you’ll be able to open almost any video file with this application.

It’s worth mentioning that the application allows you to create audiobooks as well as ringtones for iPhone. The application has a built-in audio editor so you can easily cut, copy or paste audio segments with ease.

In addition, you can normalize the sound or add fade in and fade out effects. To make the editing process easier, you can also add various markers to your audio file.

AVS Audio Converter also has a built-in tag editor so you can easily add metadata to your audio files. In addition, you can set custom names for all your output files.

As for audio conversion, you can choose between different profiles, but you can also set the number of channels, bitrate, sample rate and other options manually if you want.

If you’re an advanced user, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a command line mode available that allows you to convert large number of files simultaneously.

AVS Audio Converter is a great audio conversion software that allows you to easily extract audio from videos. The application offers a modern user interface, so even the most basic users will be able to use it.

This is a free application, but it will add its audio watermark to all converted files. If you want to remove the watermark, you’ll need to purchase the full version.

Get AVS Audio Converter

Free Audio Extractor

If you’re looking for a simple application that can extract audio from videos, you should consider Free Audio Extractor from Kastorsoft.

The application has a simple user interface, and you can easily add multiple videos and extract audio from them.

The application supports 11 different file types and it can work with both audio and video files. After you select the file, you can see its waveform and select the part that you want to convert to audio.

Of course, you can select the segment you want to convert by setting the start and end point. The application supports keyboard shortcuts so you can easily control the playback and set markers with your keyboard.

After you select the desired segment, you can set the output directory, bitrate, channel and other advanced options.

The application supports MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC and WMA for file output, which should be enough for basic users.

It’s worth mentioning that this tool allows you to add metadata and MP3 tags to your output files which can be useful to some users.

Free Audio Extractor is a simple application so it will be suitable for first-time users. The application has a simple interface, but you might run into some issues while trying to select a specific segment you want to convert.

We found this feature to be slightly sluggish and bit confusing, so it might take you a few tries to master it.

Despite this flaw, this is still a great application, and since it’s completely free there’s no reason not to try it.

Get Free Audio Extractor

AoA Audio Extractor

Another application specialized for audio extraction is AoA Audio Extractor. The application has a simple to use interface so you can easily extract audio from any video.

As for supported video formats, the application supports about 10 different file types which should be enough for basic users.

Regarding output formats, the application can convert your video to MP3, WAV or AC3 format. In addition to format, you can easily change the audio bitrate, audio sample rate, and the number of channels.

If needed, you can also specify a custom output path. The application supports batch processing, but you’re limited to three files in the Free version.

AoA Audio Extractor allows you to cut your video and only convert a specific segment. To do that, you just need to set the start and endpoint using the slider.

This feature lacks the preview option, and to find the correct start and end time for your segment you need to preview your clip in another application.

The application doesn’t offer any type of preview feature which is a major flaw in our opinion.

AoA Audio Extractor offers simple audio extraction features in the Free version, but the Free version also has its limitations.

The Platinum version allows you to convert both audio and video files, but you can also record audio.

The paid version also has a built-in voice changer and it offers karaoke song recording. Lastly, the Platinum version will remove the file limit for batch conversion so you can easily convert as many files as you want.

AoA Audio Extractor is a decent application, and our only complaint is the lack of preview features. Despite this limitation, this application still offers decent features, and since it’s free you might want to try it out.

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  • You will need specialized software for that so here’s our list with the best tools to extract audio from video files.

  • Yes, despite being known primarily as a video player, VLC Media Player has several editing and conversion tools incorporated.

  • There are several different web services that allow you to extract audio from a wide variety of video formats. Some of the online video editors can do that.

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