Microsoft closes down Fable Legends, get your refund now

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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The Fable Legends saga is over: Microsoft is shutting down the servers for the game after having tried to save the project back in March. All players who made in-app purchases will soon be refunded.

The game was due to launch on both Windows and Xbox One but ultimately never went beyond its beta version. It combined real-time strategy gameplay with role-playing game mechanics and featured cross-play functionality between Windows and Xbox.

Since the game never made it to its final version, all players who made Gold purchases in the game will be refunded with some having already been refunded, while others having to wait a bit longer. If you want to know whether your account has been refunded, check your Microsoft account. When all refunds have been completed, all players will receive a confirmation message.

Here’s how to check your messages within the game on the Xbox:

  • double-tap the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide
  • select the Messages icon below Achievements.

Go through the following steps in Windows 10:

  • launch the Xbox app by selecting it in your Start Menu
  • click on the messages icon either in the left-side navigation panel or on the upper right part of your home screen, depending on the version of the app.

All Fable Legends players were affected by the news since the game had many fans, but they continue to keep their heads high:

Thanks guys! This beta has been some much fun and Fable Legends is the only free to play game I would actually pay to play. Thank you for everything Lionhead Studios for this and all the games you have given to the world.

Thanx for this masterpiece and the great moments Lionhead Studios..the true heroes


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