Stop using 2FA! Facebook is violating user privacy with this feature

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Facebook 2F privacy problems

You should not be surprised to know that Facebook is involved in another privacy scandal. The company has been asking users to add their phone number for 2 Factor Authentication just to ensure their account’s security.

Surprisingly, the phone numbers were being used for multiple purposes, not just for 2FA purposes. Facebook is using your phone numbers to push targeted ads and even look up to your profiles. The problem is that users are not allowed to disable the 2FA process.

The privacy violation has been identified by a Twitter user Jeremy Burge.

facebook 2FA privacy issues

The 2FA is actually a feature that uses your phone numbers to offer additional security and makes sure to alert the users about any unauthorized log-in attempt.

The feature does not allow others to find your profile using your phone number and you can even hide the number by changing the account settings from everyone to friends of friends or friends.

An internet user who does not have a Facebook account can even use your phone number to look up for you.

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Facebook is not the only platform using 2FA

Although demanding the 2FA is a feature that is being used by most of the websites. But now the recent revelation has even raised many eyebrows including those who are using Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp as they directly fall under the parent’s category.

Most importantly, Whatsapp users are concerned about their security because the service uses their phone numbers to create an account.

The issue has arrived at a time when the social media giant is already facing 10 probes by GDPR. The investigations are underway and it is yet to be seen how it turns out.

As Microsoft Authenticator or Google are such third party authenticator apps that do not rely on our phone numbers. You can use them as an alternative to the 2FA feature.

If Facebook wants to avoid such sticky situations in future, it should consider using other means of authentications apart from the 2FA.

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