Facebook Beta App for Windows 10 Mobile Updated: Here’s What’s New

John White By: John White
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Facebook Beta for Windows 10 Mobile has been updated recently with several improvements. No new features here, and that’d a bit disappointing since it has been a long time since the social network released a meaningful update for the platform.

As stated above, the update mainly deals with improvements and big fixes. While we can’t see what the new update has done, we can very well feel it. The Facebook app feels faster. For example, the News Feed loads faster than usual, and synchronizing contacts no longer takes a long time to complete.

There are also improvements to the share experiment and the overall stability of the app. We hope that future updates tackle key problems facing the app. For example, it is impossible to have a proper conversation within a post since the app does not make it possible for the user to keep up with new messages.

When a new message pops up in the notification area, the natural instinct is to tap on it. Doing this should bring the user to that specific message, but it never happens. This means that if folks are in a conversation with 100 comments, they might have to scroll through them all before coming across the ones they want to read.

What about playing games and using our favorite Facebook apps? Not possible on the Windows 10 Mobile version of the app. It’s not even possible with the Windows 10 version, so that goes to show the amount of effort Mark Zuckerberg and his team have placed into brining the Windows apps on the same level as Android and iOS.

Sure, not everyone wants to play boring Facebook games, but for the folks who do, they should be able to play no matter which mobile platform they have in their pockets.

We hope it doesn’t take the development team too long, especially since Microsoft has acquired Xamarin. Things should be a lot smoother for app developers going forward. The app can be downloaded right here from the Windows Store.


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