Facebook Friend Finder app comes to the Xbox One

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Microsoft is working  full throttle to improve the Xbox One experience in its attempts to revolutionize the gaming world. The company is currently rolling out invites to the Xbox One Anniversary Update Preview to its most dedicated gamers. Only Xbox One Insiders who gathered the most points by filling out surveys and completing quests during the previous preview releases will receive one.

The tech giant also offered a preview of the upcoming features to all users, revealing that the next-generation Xbox platform will be more socially focused, will bring more games, and will be compatible with more devices. Each of its new features will be available for the Xbox One Preview program this week, and will debut on the Xbox app in the coming weeks.

Speaking of the Xbox One’s social side, you’ll now be able to find and add your Facebook friends on it. As more and more gamers link their Facebook and Xbox Live accounts, you’ll start seeing more suggestions for Facebook friends to add on Xbox Live.

This is the perfect opportunity to confirmed whether your friends were speaking the truth while they boasted about their gaming accomplishments. You will also be able to play with or against your friends for the first place on the leaderboards. Thanks to the friend finder feature, it will be easier to schedule return matches to see if the champion really deserved victory or if he won by chance. Since suggestions will also be presented based on the games you have in common, this new feature can even help you to make new friends.

Microsoft may be preparing another surprise to its fans at the upcoming E3. Rumors suggest the tech giant could launch a new Xbox One and a new controller at the event, but Microsoft has refused to comment thus far.



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